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NEW REPORT: Impact of Secure Communities on Latinos and Local Law Enforcement in Eastern Washington

How has the immigration enforcement program Secure Communities impacted Latino communities in Central and Eastern Washington State? Secure Communities increases cooperation between local jails and the federal government to identify undocumented immigrants for deportation. Implemented in Yakima, Franklin, Benton and Walla Walla counties in the summer of 2011, Secure Communities has been both supported and […]

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NIIC – P.A.R. Officers in Aurora, Colorado

Written by Spencer May ’13 Dave could be a Marine – his broad shoulders and shaved head could pass him for a Sergeant Major, but at the National Immigrant Integration Conference in Seattle, Dave only wore casual clothes and a navy-blue polo shirt with the acronym “P.A.R.”  What did P.A.R. stand for, and why was […]

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NIIC and ICE Detainer Policy

Written by Madelyn Peterson ’13 Annie Benson addresses us with a sharp focus from behind her thick-rimmed glasses. Each word from her mouth is efficient and rapid; her hands move with deliberation and strength. Her intensity is complimented by a joyful flair and an ease of laughter that reveal her compassion and ardor for her […]

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