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Low Income Latinos’ Housing Stability: The Small Rural Town Perspective

This study investigates the characteristics and causes of housing related problems for Latinos/as in low-income neighborhoods in rural small cities such as Walla Walla, Washington. Specifically, what factors foster rental stability or instability in Walla Walla? Also, what is the quality of housing in Walla Walla like? Is there substandard housing in Walla Walla? What […]

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The Effects of Immigrant Status and Income Level on Homeownership for Latinos in Washington State

Julia Leavitt, Whitman College “Por ser nosotros latinos, tenemos que trabajar y luchar doble, por nuestro color.” [Because we are Latinos, we have to work and fight twice as hard, because of our color.]   Topic: I researched homelessness, housing, and homeownership for Latinos in the U.S., Washington, and Walla Walla.  After narrowing the focus […]

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Perspectives on Housing in Washington State: Conditions in Walla Walla

The purpose of this research was to analyze the housing conditions and process in Washington State from the perspective of the Latino community in Walla Walla. Method. Quantitative data was drawn from governmental databases, mainly from the U.S. Census Bureau and Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA). Specific market conditions in Walla Walla were garnered from […]

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