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Towards Closing the Achievement Gap: Increasing Academic Preparedness and Ambition among Latino Students

This report examines methods of fostering Latino students’ postsecondary success, specifically asking the question: How effective has the GEAR UP program’ s approach to achieving academic preparedness and postsecondary ambition been at Walla Walla High School? This report profiles the best methods of improving students’ academic capabilities to prepare them for postsecondary education and analyzes […]

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Breaking the Cycle of Political Non-Participation: The Effect of Community Involvement and Civic Education on Latino Families

This paper examines methods of increasing the political participation of the Latino Community in Quincy, WA, specifically focusing on youth organizational involvement as a community mobilizer. Methods: Evaluating local conditions and understanding how those findings fit into broad themes and patterns. Interviews included those with local Latino community organizers (both official and unofficial), students, leaders […]

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