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NEW REPORT: Lost in Translation? English Language Learners in Walla Walla Public Schools

Our project examines the relationship between the experiences of English Language Learner (ELL) students and parents and the policies and practices of teachers and administrators in Walla Walla Public Schools. The main research questions we investigated were: a. How do the district’s policies for teaching English align with student, parent and teacher experiences and expectations? […]

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Learning How to Approach Interviews with Teachers

By Emily Basham, Politics ’12 During the Researchers’ Caucus at the National Immigrant Integration Conference (NIIC), a woman in the group said “You have to ask what practitioners know- they might know important things that no one is asking them about.” This caught my attention, and when the meeting was over I explained to her […]

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Creating Safe and Civil Schools: Reaching Higher Academic Success

This report investigates the relationship between race and civility in public education. Feeling safe and embraced at school is critical to academic success. The main research questions investigated are: What levels of civility and incivility do Latino students experience at Walla Walla High School (Wa-Hi)? In what ways and for what reasons do Latino high […]

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