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American University Radio: Latinos Decry ‘Secure Communities’ In D.C

Secure Communities poses a problem for domestic abuse cases among undocumented immigrants. Washington D.C. Refuses to Participate in the program. Report By: Patrick Madden // October 11, 2011         source http://wamu.org/news/11/10/11/latinos_decry_secure_communities_in_dc

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Call For A School-Based Preventative Approach To Domestic Violence Among Latinos In Washington State

This report examines approaches to reducing domestic violence against Latino youth in Washington State. Unique socio-economic, political, and cultural circumstances affecting Latinos perpetuate a high rate of domestic violence that increases with subsequent generations born in the United States. These factors also restrict Latinos’ access to resources, which impedes incident reporting. Domestic violence programs have […]

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An Analysis of the Barriers Latina Immigrants Face in Washington’s Domestic Violence Response Network

This project examines the experiences of Latina immigrants suffering from domestic violence. How can Washington state improve its domestic violence response network for Latina immigrants? Methods: In order to carry out a comprehensive report the voices of survivors must be included on top of the reports and findings I used from state agencies, social service […]

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