Community Partners

The State of the State for Washington Latinos: 2006 was produced as a community partnership between the Walla Walla Latino American Community Forum and Whitman College.

The project had support and engagement from the following people and organizations:

National Voting Rights Advocacy Initiative,

Seattle University School of Law

Joaquin Avila


Broetje Orchards

Roger Bairstow


Early Childhood Education ProgramWalla Walla Community College

Melinda Brennan


Walla Walla Community College

Andrew Dankel-Ibañez and Victor Chacón


Walla Walla Public Schools, Bilingual Education / ESL Programs

Diana Erickson


Walla Walla High School Latino Club

Bill Erickson


Walla Walla Migrant Head Start Program

Yolanda Esquivel


Beacon Development Group

Barbara Guzzo


Wenatchee Public Schools

Ricardo Iniguez


Blue Mountain Heart to Heart

Suzanne Morrissey


Walla Walla Juvenile Detention Center

Vance Norsworthy



Mario Paredes


Columbia Legal Services

David Pesel


Helpline of Walla Walla

Melinda Townsend


Quincy Community Health Center

Mary Jo Ybarra-Vega