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The Political Representation of Latinos in Small Cities: An Examination of Quincy and Othello Washington

Researching voting rights in Othello and Quincy, WA, I sought to answer the following questions: 1) Has the system of elections caused minority vote dilution in past elections? 2) How does the political culture influence Latino participation? 3) How do other factors, such as the existence of bilingual election materials and outreach, affect Latino representation? […]

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Community-Based Health Services For Poor And/Or Undocumented Latino Immigrants In Washington

My report explores the role that community-based health services play in reducing barriers to healthcare access facing poor and/or undocumented Latino immigrants. I examine how these programs could be expanded or improved to increase their effectiveness. I also pinpoint the steps that Washington can take to support these community-based programs and to foster conditions in […]

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The State of Public Health for Washington Latinos

The purpose of this project is to compile information regarding the health profile of Washington Latinos and assess the way nonprofit clinics for low-income patients address these needs. Methods: I gathered information from a number of published sources, including the US Department of Health and Human Services and the Washington State Board of Health, to […]

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