Fast Facts

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Our method: We perform community-based research, which means collaborating with community

organizations to identify, analyze, and address social and political problems.

Our premise: We all have a stake in cultivating a more equal society and a more inclusive

democracy. All Washingtonians will benefit if social and political conditions for Latinos improve.

Our rigor: Student researchers gather and analyze data, over the course of one semester, to probe

the reasons behind racial-ethnic inequalities and the effects of programs intended to diminish them.

Students situate their original empirical analyses in critical relation to prior studies.

Our innovation: We conduct a semester-long program of public outreach to bring our research

findings and recommendations to policy makers, organization leaders, and the public at large. We

do this in multiple locations, with diverse groups, and in both Spanish and English.

Our goals:

To promote a more inclusive and active culture of democracy in our region.

• To enhance the effectiveness of our partners’ programs.

• To catalyze informed public policy decisions that ameliorate racial-ethnic inequalities.

• To develop a new generation of intellectually astute and socially committed young leaders.

Our funding:

2011-12: Blue Mountain Community Foundation

• 2008-10: Princeton University National Community-Based Research Networking Initiative subgrantee

(federal Learn & Serve grant), with Whitman College matching funds

• 2006-07: Mellon Diversity Grant

• 2005: Whitman College

Our faculty:

Professor Paul Apostolidis, Judge & Mrs. Timothy A. Paul Chair of Political Science

• Professor Gilbert Mireles, Department of Sociology

Our issues:


• Voting Rights

• Immigration

• Human Services & Poverty

• Health Care

• Civic Engagement

• Farm Worker Housing

• Youth at Risk

• Domestic Violence

• Employment/Income


Our partners:

Walla Walla Public Schools, Bilingual Program (2005-12)

• National Voting Rights Advocacy Initiative (2005-12)

• OneAmerica (2011-12)

• Walla Walla Commitment to Community (2008-10)

• Washington State Farmworker Housing Trust (2008-10)

• Washington Tax Fairness Coalition (2008-09)

• Broetje Orchards (2008-09)

• Washington Health Foundation (2008-09)

• League of United Latin American Citizens, Northwest Regional Chapter (2008)

• CONSEJO (domestic violence, mental health) (2006-07)

• Beacon Development Group (farm worker housing) (2006-07)

• Blue Mountain Heart to Heart (HIV/AIDS) (2006-07)

• Quincy Community Health Center (2006-07)

• Helpline of Walla Walla (2006-07)

• Walla Walla Migrant Head Start (2006-07)

• Walla Walla Juvenile Justice Center (2005-07)

• Walla Walla Community College (2005-07)

• Columbia Legal Services (2005-07)

• Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (2005-06)

Our outreach:

National Immigrant Integration Conference, Seattle (2011)

• Hispanic-Latino Legislative Day, Olympia (2006-10)

• Meetings with state policy makers (2006-10)

• State legislators and committee staff

• Gubernatorial policy advisors

• Secretary of State

• Human Rights Commission

• State & Local Policy Information/Analysis Pilot Program (2008-12)

• Yakima Valley Community College, Yakima (2009)

• KUOW Public Radio, Seattle (2009)

• Minority Executive Directors’ Coalition, Seattle (2009)

• Walla Walla Community College, Cinco de Mayo “Art & Politics” Exhibition and Public

Presentation (with project artist Pedro de Valdivia, 2009)

• KDNA Radio Cadena, Yakima Valley (2008-09)

• Southeast and Central Washington press, television, and radio news outreach (2005-09)

• Club Latino, Walla Walla High School (2009)

• Port of Walla Walla Commission (2009)

• Hispanic-Latino Legislative Organization, Pasco (2009)

• Toppenish Middle School (open public meeting, 2008)

• Latino/a Educational Achievement Project (2007)

• KCTS-Connects: Yakima Town Hall on Immigration (2006)

• Whitman College (open public meetings) (2005-06)