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Our research identifies geographic locations as opportunities to inform, register, and mobilize young adult minority voters. Further, we highlight specific institutions, sectors, and Mappingfacilities in the social environments of higher education, employment, and criminal justice as potentially helpful places to reach and empower these marginalized populations.

In this research, we conducted a spatial analysis of state voting trends using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) using the following data:

  1. U.S. Census Bureau state demographic data,
  2. County election office voter registration lists,
  3. Washington Secretary of State 2012 and 2013 election turnout data.

Additionally, we collected racial/ethnic and age-based enrollment, employment, and criminal justice data from the National Center of Education Statistics, the Washington Employment Security Department, and Washington’s Department of Corrections, respectively. Furthermore, we include insights on voting behavior within these social environments from members and organizers of various affiliations in our full report (found [include link to full report]).

We hope our research aids practical efforts that help realize the following values:

  • Every person can and should be included and engaged in all levels of politics in Washington State.
  • Minority young adults should see themselves and be seen as legitimate and effective political actors.
  • Entire communities are best served when all residents are included and empowered in the political process rather than alienated or marginalized.

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1. Synthesized County Index

In this section, we synthesize the various aspects of our research analysis in order to illustrate more clearly particularly good counties and locations to target registration and mobilization efforts.


Hispanic Young Adult Population: 7,333

Percentage of the VAP: 11.8%

Hispanic Registration Rate: 24%

2012 Hispanic Young Adult Turnout Rate: 32.7%

Relevant Places, Institutions, Sectors, and Facilities: Mattawa, Royal City, George, Quincy, Warden, Moses Lake, Ephrata, Desert Aire, Moses Lake North, Big Bend Community College, AFFH, AFS, Retail, and Manufacturing.

2. State Demographic Data and Maps

In this section, we provide data and maps illustrating where young adults (18-29) of various demographics reside.

• Hispanic Young Adults

Here, you will find data and maps illustrating where Hispanic young adults reside in Washington State by various geographic levels.


CountiesYAProp CountiesYA CountiesNHPIYAProp CountiesNHPIYA CountiesMuYAProp CountiesMuYA CountiesMinYAProp CountiesMinYA CountiesHiYAProp CountiesBlYAProp CountiesBlYA CountiesAnYAProp CountiesAnYA CountiesAIANYAProp CountiesAIANYA CountiesHiYA

o State Legislative District [include appropriate materials]

o Congressional District [include appropriate materials]

o Individual Counties

• Black Young Adults


• Asian Young Adults


• Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander Young Adults


• American Indian or Alaska Native Young Adults

• Multiracial Young Adults


• Minority Young Adults

Here, you will find data and maps illustrating where young adult Minorities (young adults excluding Non-Hispanic Whites) reside in Washington State by various geographic levels.


• All Young Adults


ß List Counties [include appropriate materials]

3. County Voter Registration Trends Data and Maps

In this section, we provide data and maps describing registration trends among Hispanics and Non-Hispanics for specific counties.

[Include scatter plot of counties]

• Individual Counties (listed) [include appropriate materials]

Here, you will find two maps examining Hispanic voter registration rates and a chart comparing Hispanic and Non-Hispanic registration rates.

*Only have for Hispanics, therefore won’t be included in other pages.

4. Election Voter Turnout Data and Maps

In this section, we provide data and maps comparing turnout and registration for the 2012 and 2013 elections.

• 2012 Election

o Washington State [include appropriate materials]

o Individual Counties (listed) [include appropriate materials]

• 2013 Election

See Above

5. Higher Education Institution Enrollment Data and Maps

In this section, we provide data and maps illustrating which degree-granting institutions serve specific demographics and where they are located.

[include map of all 81 institutions]

• Hispanics [include chart of top 10 institutions] [include chart of change in enrollment]*

• Blacks

See Above

• American Indians or Alaska Natives

See Above

• Asians

See Above

6. Criminal Justice System Data and Maps

In this section, we provide data and maps illustrating the current state of Washington’s Criminal Justice system.

[include Prison Population Data and graphs]

• Releases by County

Here, you will find data and maps illustrating to which counties released prisoners return.

[include appropriate materials]

• Individual Counties

Here, you will find maps detailing where correctional facilities, work-release facilities, and re-entry programs are located.

[include state map of facilities]

o List Counties [include appropriate materials]

7. Employment Sector and Occupation Data

In this section, we provide data by county showing in which industry sectors young workers are employed as well as in which occupations Hispanics are employed.

• Individual counties (listed) [include appropriate materials]

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