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Matteo Leggett, Whitman College “I felt rejected by the people because they thought that I was positive, even though I didn’t show any signs of being positive, I never said I was positive, because in the community in which we reside, we are many Hispanics, and the community has yet to educate itself, they think […]

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The Effects of Immigrant Status and Income Level on Homeownership for Latinos in Washington State

Julia Leavitt, Whitman College “Por ser nosotros latinos, tenemos que trabajar y luchar doble, por nuestro color.” [Because we are Latinos, we have to work and fight twice as hard, because of our color.]   Topic: I researched homelessness, housing, and homeownership for Latinos in the U.S., Washington, and Walla Walla.  After narrowing the focus […]

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