State of the State to Visit Legislature in Olympia

On January 25th, State of the State researchers will travel to Olympia, Washington to speak with representatives from Walla Walla and Yakima. The purpose of this trip is to educate state policy makers about the key issues on which our research is focused this year: creating a just and fair immigration system, ensuring political representation and voting rights for all, boosting educational achievement for English Language Learners and other minority groups, and providing essential human services to people in need. The visit comes toward the beginning of Washington State’s 2012 legislative session where representatives have been tasked with closing a 1 billion dollar projected budget shortfall (Seattle Post 01/09/2012). While tough cuts will be made this session, the State of the State researchers aim to provide information of uncompromising academic rigor that will empower legislators to represent their constituencies in the best way possible.


Please email if you are interested in meeting with the State of the State researchers this Spring.

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