Washington High School One of 3 Finalists in Race to the Top Competition

-Andrew Ryan ’12

Bridgeport High School, a rural school in Bridgeport, WA, serves a student body of 90% Latino students, most of which are first generation Americans. The school gained national recognition in a Race to the Top competition this year for its impressively high college matriculation rates of 82% in recent years. Bridgeport High was selected as one of three finalists to have President Obama speak at a commencement ceremony. The Obama administration ultimately awarded Booker T. Washington High School in Tennessee the first place honor, but it is certainly promising to see both the national media and government placing positive attention on a school that is helping a largely immigrant population succeed academically here in Washington state.

Below is a link to the video Bridgeport High School submitted for the competition:

The school continues to improve. This past year, all 37 members of the senior class graduated and were accepted to college. In the video below, Tamra Jackson, the school’s principal, explains the steps she has taken to achieve this success for her school’s changing demographics.


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