Community Attachment To Gauge Individual Experiences

            Hannah Holloran
The National Immigration Integration Conference this past week was full of so many inspiring people! Panelist talked about the work they do and how they believe it is helping people across the country. One common theme among many of the individuals whom presented at the conference was the importance of community. Both within the track that I volunteered with and during the plenary sessions (that ranged in topic from immigrant economics to immigrant justice), there was a continual reference to “community”. If an individual felt like she/he felt like they belonged in the place they resided – that they were connected to something here in the US – they were going to be more likely to participate in their communities and society.
Hearing the importance community plays in an individual’s experience in society gives weight to the research I am conducting. By looking into how an individual supports oneself and wondering about how Commitment to Community can work with those support systems to increase community involvement, I am helping an organization create new spaces for communities to form. This theme of community did, however, make me wonder if the question we are pursuing is really the right question. Instead, should we be focusing on how to connect the community better? Well, in all reality, changing my research question at this point might be a little too ambitious.
I want to address the notion of community more in my interviews. Currently I am only asking people about the specific organizations people belong to in order to address the issue of community. I want to, and will, include more detailed questions about community by including questions about how the people interact with each other in a neighborhood to see if the neighborhoods receive each other positively or otherwise. By adding these questions in, I am trying to get closer to the importance of community for individuals in Walla Walla, how they relate to their community, and how they interact with each other.

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