Project Announcement: ELL Policies, Practices, and Experiences in Walla Walla Public Schools

Our project will focus on the English Language Learners (ELL) policies, practices, and experiences in Walla Walla Public Schools. In 2011, over 31% of students in Walla Walla Public Schools identified as Latino/a, many of who will enter ELL programs during their educational careers. Our survey will explore how schools throughout the district have anticipated and addressed the specific needs of Latina/o ELL students in the classroom. Through examining ELL programs at Walla Walla High School, Garrison Middle School, and Blue Ridge Elementary School, we will also examine how ELL instruction has impacted the experiences and outcomes of Latina/o students and parents presently participating in these programs. Our primary field research will involve semi-structured interviews of students, parents, teachers, administrators, and other relevant school personnel who are involved in the implementation of ELL programs districtwide. These interviews will be framed within the context of our scholarly research, in which we will consider national trends in ELL education and compare different initiatives throughout the state and the nation to the current programs in our local schools.

Researchers: Emily Basham, Adam Delgado and Cynthia Ramos

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